If you had 5 minutes..... 

"Downward Dog, Handstand, Deep Breath and OM" ​- Lissy Vomacka

"The first part of my daily foam rolling routine which uses the roller to lift the hips and ground the sacrum, starting with breath work and small circular motions, and moving into compression for the glutes and opening for the hip flexors. The hips are working hard all day, store so many emotions and also house our root chakra for letting go." - Dawn Phillips

"I always say 5 roll downs a day keeps the doctor away!" - Lisa Schoenholt

"A simple exercise called Regulating Qi or Harmonizing Breath. 
Step 1: Inhale, the arms float out to the side of the body to above the head (palms face up to the sky as they rise). 
Step 2: Exhale, hands float down the front and center of the body (palms face the earth as they descend). 
The Intention: To collect and absorb nourishing, healthy energy deep inside the mind and body." - Jenna Hunt

"BREATHE! The breath is always available, no matter your physical or mental condition, and can work wonders to regulate nervous system imbalances in both mind and body. - Sarah Ward

"I would vigorously tap/rub the first and last acupoints on my kidney meridian to dissolve fatigue and re-establish my connection to the earth. Then I would lie on a hard floor for a minute. An unyielding surface like a hard floor gives very clear feedback to the body on what state it is in and how it’s relating to itself. And with the last 3 minutes, I would do a gentle, free-form dance improve  to bring some warmth, humor and 3 dimensionalities to my system."

- Cara Heerdt

"Meditate. to actually use my meditation pillow, and just be still, rather than trying to fit in my meditation "on the go" - Lindsey Garant

"I would sit quietly and Reiki my heart chakra and solar plexus. Spending a few moments feeling the energy in the morning sets the tone for a wonderful day!" - Kate Kranack

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