Open Level Vinyasa


February 12th


 Roslyn’s open level vinyasa classes are structured to help yogis of all abilities use their breath to find inner and outer strength and balance.  Each class will be framed around a philosophical theme to be integrated and embodied through the physical practice. Practice will close with a luxuriant savasana and short meditation. Modifications and alignment adjustments will be offered to suit individual needs.

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Yuja Soul: Yoga for Black Women

Flow into Restore


February 15th, 22nd, 29th


This 90-minute workshop will start with a grounding and empowering invocation, moving into a grounding, area-based vinyasa flow.   After strengthening, and warming the body, practice will close with a 25-minute restorative practice and seated meditation.  All levels are welcome.

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Fundamentals of Fluid Breath


February 10th,

17th & 24th



Learn to breathe with more ease and freedom using embodied anatomy and the principles of non-doing of the Alexander Technique.

Fluid movement of the breath is essential for healthy functioning of the organs, for calming the effects of stress and anxiety in the body, and for promoting a sense of confidence and wellbeing.

In a simple practice of reclined and seated postures you will learn how your breathing mechanism works and how to identify and liberate habitual patterns of neuromuscular tension to create greater ease and freedom around the breath.

Space is limited to four people, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. Appropriate for everyone.

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The Sacred Body
The Five Elements in Practice


February 23rd,



Yoga and Ayurveda are elemental practices. They engage the Five Elements, or Pancha Mahabhutas ~ of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. In the Yogic cosmology, we understand that the world is made of these Pancha Mahabhutas, which bring spirit into matter from the most rarified form of Ether, down to the densest form of Earth.

In this workshop, we spiral around the embodied experience of these Five Elements in movement and practice. We will touch upon how they relate to the energetic system of the body, and correspond to the layers of tissue as well. 

Drops-ins are most welcome, space permitting!
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Candlelit Restorative


February 23rd,



A 90-minute class that stays close to the ground with long-held postures supported by bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks.  Practice unwinding, settling and easing your way into the week ahead.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time. 

Intimate setting / limited space

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Yamuna Foot Fitness
Focused Series:

Plantar Fasciitis


March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th


This four week series will focus on the calcaneus (heel bone) and the muscles that pull it out of alignment and restrict its movement resulting in Plantar Fasciitis.


First we will use Yamuna Body Rolling routines to fully release the lower leg muscles from the knee down to the heel. Once the calcaneus is freed from the pull of the lower leg muscles, we will shift our focus to the foot itself and start lengthening and re-establishing the arch in each foot. Only with a functional, aligned heel can plantar fascia return to its natural pain-free state. 


Space is limited to 4

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