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Foot Fitness and Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner


Eli McAfee is a certified Yamuna Foot Fitness and Body Rolling practitioner. His teaching style is very clear and grounded in real life. Whether you sit a lot and feel like you want more flexibility, if you’re a weekend warrior and want to improve your performance, or if you’re recovering from an injury and you want lasting relief, everybody will feel equally comfortable and challenged.

And every body will benefit.

Eli McAfee

He brings a deep understanding of functional anatomy after many years as a professional dancer in New York. Eli worked to maintain his own body through high impact, dangerous choreography at the cutting edge of dance. Eventually, Eli began offering coaching and personal training. As he worked with clients, he found that many of them were being held back by their poor posture and gait. He sought out training in the highly intelligent, innovative work of Yamuna Zake and studied and worked closely with her.


After years of experience with Yamuma’s work, Eli emerged as a real expert in foot function. He is able to re-establish proper foot function and alleviate pain with lasting results. 

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