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Anatomy Lab: SHOULDERS

Wednesdays, Feb 6, 13, 20, & 27th

10 - 11 am | $25

Shoulder pain: It comes, it goes.  It flares up, you rest it. You find someone-anyone-to rub that super small knot on the edge of your shoulder blade that you can’t get to and swear you’ll stop spending so much time slouching in front of a screen.  Sound familiar?


In this section of Anatomy Lab we will focus on the larger, stronger and often imbalanced muscles that have insertions at the shoulder.  Pectoralis Major and Latissimus Dorsi will be our focus along with new work for the Trapezius.


Wednesday 9:30-10 am

Bring your aching feet, your bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, and fallen arches and watch things improve! Our feet provide the foundation for our entire body. Walking, running, jumping, even just standing around, your feet do it all. Yet the feet get very little care for all the punishment they take.  


The Yamuna Foot Fitness technique is a simple, easy to use system that re-establishes pain-free foot function.  Come to this powerful 30 minute reboot for your feet! $15 (Stay for the body rolling class after and pay only $30 for 90 minutes.)

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