Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Julie Brandwein, MSPT, LMT, began studying yoga in 1998.  She soon discovered Iyengar yoga, and developed a life-long study of the subject. In addition to this discipline, she has studied other somatic therapies, such as  Spacial Dynamics, and Pilates.


She has earned a Masters in Physical Therapy from Columbia University and certification in massage from The Swedish Institute. She also is certified in Pilates for Rehab Professionals from Polestar Pilates. She recently completed a 9 month certification in Sound and Music Healing.  She is currently enrolled in a 2 year certification in Spatial Dynamics.


Julie offers an exquisite knowledge of the body to her students, which she has honed over years of training and working in both western and eastern healing practices. She combines the principles of alignment and harmonic use of the body from yoga with a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology to give her students a holistic understanding of their bodies.