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Pilates Instructor

Lisa was first introduced to Pilates as a dancer in college at the University of Arizona. She became certified in 2001 in an intensive training program from Bodyworks Studio, a Ron Fletcher Studio in Tucson. In 2002 she graduated from University of Arizona with a BFA in Dance along with a BA in Education. Lisa also holds an MA in Dance Education from New York University. In 2007, she obtained her CMA (certified movement analyst) degree from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies and, most recently, has trained as a doula through DONA International. Lisa also holds advanced certifications in prenatal/postnatal pilates from the Center of Women's Fitness with expertise in C-section and diastasis recti recovery.


Lisa brings her extensive knowledge of anatomy, dance, movement analysis, and Bartenieff Fundamentals to her practice. She specializes in injury prevention, pre/post natal and diastasis repair. She has taught Pilates throughout the United States as well as Europe and has designed dance, Pilates, yoga, meditation, and nutrition programs for multiple NYC public high schools. It is her passion to help her clients gain body awareness to enable them to live their life in a balanced, healthy way.


In 2018, she launched Control D, The Art of Diastasis Repair. She is now training other pilates instructors, yoga teachers, PT's, and trainers in her method of closing diastasis recti. She conducts trainings both in Brooklyn and in Westchester.


She currently lives in Croton on Hudson, NY with her husband and two children.


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